St Jago High School Management System

Made By Elixom & Shane Edwards


Hello there. This is the Elixom School Management Package for St Jago High School.

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This is the Student Interface Application which allows student to use the system.

Student Portal

Students use this to log in, view grades, change passwords, send messages, manage their accounts and access the Virtual Learning Environment.

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Parent Portal

Parents use this site to view grades and progress reports for their children/wards.

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Sixth Form Application Portal

Students use this to apply to sixth form. All application are done online.

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Online Report System (ORS)

Teachers use this site for a wide rage of tasks including entering grades and viewing reports.

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Fee Management System

Members of the administrative staff use this to record fee payment information.

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Administration Portal

Members of the administrative staff use this to perform general administration of student and staff records.

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Mass Messaging Portal

Members of the staff use this to send messages (text and email) to students, staff and parents.

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Timetable Management System

Members of staff use this to create and generate timetables.

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Sixth Form Administration Portal

Members of the administrative staff use this to manange application to sixth form (grade 12 and 13).

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About us.

These person are responsible for the School Online Management System.

Our Process

Problems with any system should be reported to the Support Administrator through the System Help Ticket System, via email, call or face to face reports.

  • Calls are handled during regular working hours at the School, 8 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday while school is in session.
  • Parents are advised to email the PTA Support Representative from pta[@] about problems with the Parent Portal
  • Issues concerning report should be reported to the an Administrator for the Report System, and issues concerning subject choices should be reproted to the Subject Choice Administrator. Parents must understand that the Administrators are teacher and are not always available for face to face assistance. Attempts should be made to make an appointment before visiting the schoool.
  • If this fails then you may contact the General System Administrator through the school.
  • Please allow up to 5 working days for responses to emails.
  • Members of staff are advised to first seek help from colleagues then make reports to the Support Administrator for the system with which they need help.
  • If that fails reports should be made to the General System Administrator.

Our Team

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Get in touch.

Contact Information

Find more informaiton on St Jago at our School Website

St Jago High School
33 Monk Street
Spanish Town
St Catherine

Phone: 1 876 984 2265
Fax: 1876 907 1907
Email: school [@]

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