There has been a recent observation made where students are recording and posting various videos on Social Media platforms. These videos are outrageous, disrespectful and have the potential to create a bad reputation for the image of the school.  Please be reminded of the following: 

  1. Students must be respectful in their use of language, avoiding any profanity or vulgar expressions. Improper and offensive expressions show lack of respect for self and others. These expressions are diminishing the image of decency and dignity, which forms part of the foundation on which the school was built. 
  2. Students must be responsible in their use of Social Media platforms. Kindly note that any WhatsApp group that is created MUST be supervised by at least one teacher.
  3. Recording and uploading demeaning videos to any Social Media platform, especially in your uniform, is a breach of the school’s Code of Conduct. Students will be sanctioned in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Kindly note that this may mean being referred to the School Board. 
  4. Posting in your uniform is prohibited unless its portrayal is aligned to the core values of the school and permission must be granted by a teacher. Any video/picture in which you are wearing the school uniform that contravenes this rule must be removed from all Social Media pages immediately. If you posted it, you are responsible for removing it. If your face is in any picture/ video, you also have the responsibility to ensure it is removed. Or you too will face the consequences. 
  5. Students are not permitted to record (images or videos) or post teachers, students, or any staff member on any Social Media Platform. This is a breach of privacy.  
  6. Electronic Devices are not permitted. Permission must be sought and you are to be supervised by a teacher. 


Respect must always be shown to the St Jago brand and at all times seek to uphold the values of the institution. 


Special Note to Parents

You are responsible for your child. Kindly have a conversation with your child and review their Social Media posts. Ensure that they are not breaking the school rules when they make these posts. Delete what needs to be deleted. 



  • Keep tablets and computers in common areas where you can monitor your child's use. 
  • Keep devices out of private spaces like bedrooms. 
  • Get online family protection. Programs that provide parental controls can block websites and enforce time limits. Google Family Link is an online app that you can use to help in monitoring your child's online access. 



Office of the Dean of Discipline